Thank you much!

Becca Owens

Such nice people working to help others. God bless

Catriona Coutte-Wood

Gracias, gracias por los lápices y las mochilas escolares


I got school supplies and mass. we aree very happy thank you.


Very kind. Thank you for mask and for school supplies.God bless you

Gianna Torres

This is so awesome! Let me know when you have another event, I would love to help!

Holly Rees

Great work this past weekend! It was great having your team present for Christmas on Euclid.

Jacob M.

Thank you MM! Great set-up, great people, really making a difference! Happy to see someone stepping up in the community.

Jeffrey Moore

Thank you! So good to see someone out here trying ton help US

Jessica Malone

Thank you!!! Was not expecting help with school supplies we came for face masks. great surprise! thank you!

Julia S.